Mark Braham – Somehow: Indie Folk with Iron Wrought Emotion

“Somehow” is the latest single to be released from Mark Braham’s latest album “After A While”, through which he proves that he’s got a vocal range as mesmeric as Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. Yet, you can expect much more than assimilation of a former artist’s sound from Mark Braham. Which mainly falls down to the sting of the lyrics which flow as lyrical poetry.

Even though the high notes are left as soft and as concordant as the instrumental arrangement led by the acoustic guitar, that doesn’t take away any of the potency as they pierce you. Combine that with the clever use of metaphor and imagery within the lyricism and it’s fairly difficult to get to the end of “Somehow” without feeling slightly bruised. Ensuring that the salt is well and truly rubbed into the wounds are the orchestral arrangements which go beyond arrestive.

You can check out Mark Braham’s latest single Somehow for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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