Margø – Game Over: Commandingly Fierce Alt Pop


There will always be space on the airwaves for up and coming artists with the same levels of resounding aural dominance found in Canadian artist Margø’s latest single “Game Over”.

I don’t make Amy Winehouse comparisons lightly, but if anyone is deserving, it is Margø. Game Over uses a tonally warm yet equally commanding Neo-Soul Pop style of vocal which bleeds pure magnetism. Behind the soul-steeped emotivity of the vocals is the unquivering conviction behind the delivery of the punchy and unapologetically fierce lyrics. The vocals paired with moody bass-heavy EDM Pop allowed you to appreciate the true authenticity in Margø’s alternative approach to her soundscapes. In a sea of assimilations, she’s the one making waves.

You can pre-save Margø’s latest single Game Over for yourselves by heading over to this link now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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