MarcoAntonio – You Were: Paralysing Downtempo Jazz R&B

MarcoAntonio dropped his sweet collaboration back in 2017, it’s a sound that we still can’t get enough of. The R&B beat master from Canberra, Australia has an eclectic mix of sounds in his back catalogue, however none of his R&B & Soul mixes ring as sweetly as his last debut track ‘You Were’, the heavy bassline and stomach churning drops make the track more of an experience, than merely just an audio pleasure.

I’m really stoked to hear what MarcoAntonio has in store for 2018 with his wide array of talents and ability to polish beats to perfection. The slick styling of You Were Is ultimately what gives the track it’s rippling prowess, although there’s no notable mention to the female vocalist, she deserves the upmost respect for bringing this track alive and putting the soul into the soulful mix the track set out to be. If you’re a down-tempo fan, that isn’t averse to a few jazz jingles, I highly recommend adding this track to your chilled out playlist. The urban vibes are truly nothing like I have ever heard before

You can check out You Were by using the SoundCloud link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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