MARC – Do U Even Kno: The New Age of Urban Pop Squeezed Into a 2 Minute Masterpiece

Okay, grammar aside, Do U Even Kno is a pretty dope Hip Hop Pop hit. The St. Louis based artist pertains his own enigmatic thug vibe that’s actually instantly loveable. The beat is one that pulls you into the harmony of the track as it thrashes between harsh tempos under complex, resounding layers that leave you in a pretty transient state. For a two minute track to squeeze in so much unchained fury through the lyrics is something you definitely have to check out for yourself.

When MARC’s voice isn’t hiding under reverb, it’s delectably brash with his own unique vibe that the Hip Hop scene simply ignore. The emerging artist teamed up with JANITOR to produce this absolute hit of a track which is probably the best Hip-Hop Pop track you’re going to hear this year.

You can check out MARC’s latest release via SoundCloud using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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