Marble Tides – Little Lies: An Irresistible Smorgasbord of Alternative Influence

“Little Lies” is the latest euphorically charged from up and coming Bournemouth-based Indie Rock outfit Marble Tides. With a stylistic maturity behind their instrumental arrangement a perfect contrast is found between the arrestive layers of Post Punk atmospherics and big anthemics, their single was never going to fall flat.

With each of the five musicians bringing a different aural inclination to the table, Little Lies is accessible to any fan of the Alt persuasion. Through the jangly cutting guitar leads, to the crunching reverb of the rhythm guitar, there’s an incredible amount of unpredictable progressions to their sound. Any fans of Interpol, the National, and Editors are certainly going to find plenty of appeal within Marble Tides authentic instantaneously indulgent radio-ready single.

You can check out Little Lies by Marble Tides for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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