Maple Sky – Free Her

Jazz, pop and RnB fusionists Maple Sky released their most seminal single to date with ‘Free Her’, which allows anyone in the process of walking away from a toxic relationship to see the light.

It was a bold theme for the ensemble to tackle. Considering that they did it with so much soul-laden compassion, they hit the evocative mark with the track that allows the intricate orchestration to explore the bright path that opens up when shackles of insidious affection are shaken off.

The smooth melodies, authentically airy vocals and wisdom so poignant it’s evident that it was hard fought for pull together to prove that the world isn’t as loveless as narcissists make you feel it is. By all accounts, it’s a stunning track. We can’t wait to hear where the UK-based ensemble take their fusion sound next.

Free Her is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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