Manhattan Murder Mystery – Imperial Country: Pure Transient Punk Folk Alchemy

With a band name like Manhattan Murder Mystery, you don’t really expect anything but ingenuity from their sound, do you?

Well thankfully their latest single Imperial Country is one of the most resoundingly beautiful Americana Folk tracks I’ve listened to this year. Without even getting one minute into the track I felt my eyes prickle as I soaked up the ethereal harmony created by the sublimely bohemian artists. If you could imagine a more sedate version of Gogol Bordello, you’d get close to imagining the quintessential vibes from Manhattan Murder Mystery. The band also cite Charles Manson of as one of their influences, I can’t decide where they’re genius or insane, either way, it totally doesn’t matter, because what they create together as a powerhouse of talent is beyond any boundaries of normality, or genre, they create pure transient alchemy with their minimalist instrumentals and mutedly pensive vocals.

You can check out the official video to Imperial Country on YouTube, which is easily just as sublime as the audio, keep up to date with Manhattan Murder Mystery’s latest tracks by following the LA based Folk Punks on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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