Mandi Rose – If You Like To; when a song’s clarity turns harmonical

It’s not every day that one gets to listen to a song that’s helmed by yet another impulsive good vocalist like Mandi Rose who subtly knows how and what to do with that beautiful Caribbean sound.

Y’all sure already know that “If You Like” by Mandi Rose it’s an unparalleled pop dance song, what more magic can a Caribbean sound add to a well-pitched song without bringing to the party its persuasive body shake feeling – especially when the music genre is pop.

The lyrics of this song thrust its listeners into a rather groovy and party-like mood that intrigues! It’s also necessary to point out the intrinsic motivation that probably awaits anyone that is eager to wear his/her headset to get a feel of what feature(s) this brilliant song exudes. It’s more like having that propulsive feeling; the feeling to oblige to the incentive to undertake an activity based on the expected enjoyment of the activity itself, rather than the external benefits that might result from such activity.

This song sends blips and eerie buzzes darting around a bustling all-asses-on-the-dancefloor pulse. This song is just pretty and beautiful, y’all should go check out this song it’s really worth it.


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