Mandala – Washed Up – Dreamy Melodies Converge With Gritty Rock And Roll Energy On A New, Explosive Single.

Washed Up by Mandala

Straight out of the Connecticut music scene, Mandala are quickly growing their reputation, based on the band’s hard working ethics and remarkable songwriting skills.

The group set out to perfect a very personal blend of alternative rock and dream pop, with somewhat of a shoegaze twist. The resulting sound is a very charismatic and interesting blend of different influences, highlighting the band’s diverse musical background and their ability to cash in from listening to a lot of great music.

Mandala recently came out with their latest studio effort, an single titled “Washed Up”. The single has an upfront, bright and warm tone to it, marking the band’s fondness for immediacy and textures. Overall, the sonic aesthetics of the song are really essentialist, favoring a no-frills production style that highlights the natural talent of the band. Having said that, the record sounds modern and lush, with a very clear and intelligible tone that highlights the sheer talent of these great musicians.

This is certainly a release to be enjoyed from back to back, as it stands out as a powerful, well-arranged and compelling indie tune that will make you long for more from this band!

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