Manchester’s The Superphone heal the airwaves with ”Fly So High”

That special feeling of caring so much for that person in your life that makes you happy. Your heart flutters like a cheeky bird that is in the beautiful blue sky. Life seems so simple and you smile. This is what life should be.

Manchester indie-folk band The Superphone are back with new music and have blessed our souls with the deliciously tasty ”Fly So High”. I was in a funk today as the weather outside really got me down. All changed after playing this single on repeat.

My ears feel like they are flying so high in the trees when I turn this song up. UK act The Superphone are such a crispy bundle of treats and spoil us with ”Fly So High”. 15 years plus experience in the music business shows on this one and you just want to sing along. I just want to hold the hand of my future girlfriend while listening intently and my smile beams like a purring kitten. This is all about love and that inner feeling that everything is going to be okay. This is a happy anthem and we all need this kind of music in our ears to remember that things can be simple and the world should be kind. The Superphone from Manchester are a band that deserve lots of love and I for one will be making an effort to see them live when venues open up again. This is good music that is of stupendous quality.

Fly so high with this wonderfully made song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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