Manchester’s SZOU drops electro-pop Orwellian reminder with ”Dystopia”

A slow build to tease us in, before dark clouds form and we are lifted into a dream, all created by SZOU. She just wants to be safe and live fear-free from all this madness and uncertainly. A sentiment millions of us feel right now, we just want to be safe and sound too, a simple human right you would think. This is a quality track from vocals to beat, lyrics and delivery. Made in Manchester with love.

With a brilliantly descriptive imagination, SZOU drops a futuristic electro-pop song that is ahead of it’s time. The way she reminds us of the dark times of George Orwell’s game-changing book 1984 and at the same time has produced the song to sound so new school. A remarkable feat indeed which makes her 2020 release ”Dystopia” a song that deserve lots of love and listens. In a world that has completely changed over the last few months, I feel that this is one of the most important releases all year. UK

Stream more from this fantastic female artist on the rise via her SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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