Manchester rapper Ice D spits real street stories on ‘Felony’

Manchester rapper Ice D spits real street stories on ‘Felony‘. This is a raw track that has a freestyle type vibe to it and this hits home real hard.

With an original style and plenty and trap-filled busty beats that bounce around like the real word on the streets. Life comes real fast and you need to know the time to survive. This young rapper has a rap delivery that seems to improve as the track going on, a true sign of things that are to come.

Life can get real so quickly and with stories of what goes down in the dark alleys, portrays a musician who knows who he is and this isn’t some lame fake track unlike a lot of the new Hip Hop out there. Expect big things if he can maintain focus and not get wrapped up and gassed with all the easy temptations of the music game that can be so harsh for the naive. Ice D is only getting started on ‘Felony‘.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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