Malcolm Duff – Senhorita Suite: Rapturously Organic Rock n Roll

While I’ve enjoyed unravelling all Malcolm Duff’s 2018 singles, his 2019 single Senhorita Suite packs a very different visceral punch. Rather than finding poignant ways to explore loss, love and life the Rock n’ Roll Folk track Senhorita Suite a work of infectious euphoria. You may not stumble across new exhilarated Rock n’ Roll frequently in 2019, so, Senhorita Suite runs through with a pinch of nostalgia from the time Rock still possessed soul. Yet, there’s no disputing that Malcolm Duff is an artist who belongs in the contemporary charts for his ability to put together smoothly alchemic tracks with help from co-songwriter Da Silva.

Within the track, his deep and reverberant baritone vocals mix with harmonically diverse vocals, all the while ensuring that the vocals are sitting in perfect synergy with the Funk-laced Rock-driven instrumentals.

From woody acoustics to electric guitar riffs, there’s plenty of texture weaved into Senhorita Suite which is one of the most distinctive tracks we’ve heard from Malcolm Duff. While the melancholically-mused singles are achingly beautiful, with Senhorita Suite he’s proven that he has a deft command over feel-good music too, and we can’t wait to hear more.

You can check out Malcolm Duff’s latest single Senhorita Suite for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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