Makk – Empty Bottles: Dark Verses Over Even Darker Beats

Empty Bottles is the latest sobering Hip Hop drop from up and coming Rap artist Makk. As soon as the beat kicks in, you start to feel that pensive twang of melancholy and that only intensifies when Makk starts to lay down his almost spoken word poetry Rap bars. By the time the track had ran through, I felt as though I had swallowed a piece of Makk’s soul. His rhythmic bars prove the level of ingenuity that went into his single from his 2018 album; it takes guts for a Rap artist to come out and produce a track as gritty and raw as Empty Bottles. No one likes to admit their mental state has a fragile side, but I’m so glad there’s artists like Makk on the scene pouring real human emotion into the mic.

You can check out Makk’s latest Hip Hop track Empty Bottles on SoundCloud now along with the other tracks from his standout album ‘Confession’. Once you listen to the album unfold, it’s quite evident why Makk chose the title. The catharsis he felt through his channel of expression in this album is audible in each of the ten tracks.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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