MAID Release Their Second Caustically Moody, Melodically Arrestive Single “Basic Bitch”

“Basic Bitch” is the second release from up and coming UK-based trio MAID. Any fans of Billie Ellish are sure to appreciate their dark and moody approach to contemporary Pop which finds plenty of room for gritty 90s Pop influences.

The unapologetic attitude behind MAID’s vocals sits in perfect synergy with the fierce tonality of the instrumentals in the intensely progressive single. The vocals switch between caustic anger and pitch-perfect harmony as the instrumentals ebb and flow in intensity creating a soundscape which could only have ever been born in this era. Yet, it didn’t quite sit right that MAID went in the opposite direction to most female artists and used their lyricism to tear down other women. We all have different perceptions of what makes someone ‘basic’, but the accusation is rarely justified.

You can check out MAID’s latest single Basic Bitch for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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