Mahawry – Find A Way: Laid Back Teen-Pop

Welcome back to the early 00s! Everything about this track smells like the “good ol’ days” that seem to be gone for pop music.

“Find A Way” is a teen pop song by Mahawry. It features her soft and laid back vocals, and a simple production that is comprised of a beat and some acoustic guitar licks. Her singing certainly is from another time; a time not that far away (well, that always depends on for how long you’ve been walking this earth yourself). She reminds me a bit of what Avril Lavigne did past her teen-punk phase. This overall is fairly welcomed, given that this teen glow, that gazing into the future vibe that Mahawry’s music gives is nowhere to be found in pop culture.

This is such a good song to play when you’re on your way to the beach. Listen to “Find A Way” on Soundcloud

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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