Madeline Jaina – Counting Sheep: an indie noir pop track that goes out to the insomniacs

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer, Madeline Jaina carries the sandman’s essence in her latest single, Counting Sheep, which goes out to her fellow insomniacs.

The dark flamenco vibes from the guitars feed into dreamy, reverby, echo delay creating a wavy ambient platform for the Ohio-born, New York-based artist’s soulfully old school vocals to harmonise with. Even the non-lexical-vocals between the poetically composed lyricism draw you deeper into the soul of the indie noir pop track that delivers mesmerising escapism. For the entire duration of the transfixing single you are granted a rumination reprieve.

Counting Sheep will be available to stream from November 5th. You can check it out via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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