M.Waisome – Outrageous: An Instrumental Hip Hop Portal Back to the 80’s

Even though M.Waisome’s latest single “Outrageous” starts off with an all-out aural assault, once the beat kicks in, it’s all too easy to appreciate the up and coming artist’s expressively playful style of instrumental Hip Hop.

The sense of nostalgia which he drove into Outrageous along with the other tracks which make up his latest album “Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl” takes you right back to the time when everything was a little simple through the use of friendly synth melodies.

In a time where it feels like the fabric of society is tearing apart at the seams, it’s all too tempting to slip into the 80’s allure. The samples used within the tracks on his debut are authentically used from the cartoons M.Waisome grew up watching as a child.

You can check Outrageous and the rest of the tracks from M.Waisome’s album for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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