M U S T A N G – Walk Away: Majestically Raw Southern Rock

The up and coming Alt Indie band M U S T A N G has just dropped their first piece of acoustically grunge, majestically raw piece of sweet Americana early January, 2018 to the sound of old blues guitars, poignantly charismatic vocals and some blinding instrumental sections in an Alt Indie Folk Rock styling.  The vocal progression which you are treated to throughout this track is astonishingly, the vocalists moves from the sensual curve of Aerosmith to the melancholy of Glenn Hansard. The bass line throws its impossibly tight beat behind the track, pulling you further and further into the soul of this anthemic hit.

With their debut track M U S T A N G have created a soulful melody, with heart wrenching emotion, that is quite literally palpable. The pace of Walk Away is so subduing and melancholic, you feel it ringing in your ears as the track draws to a close after 5 whole minutes of audio bliss. I can’t wait to hear what M U S T A N G cook up in an album as they continue introducing Southern Rock into a new arena.

Check out the debut single Walk Away on Spotify now:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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