LV Fresh catches us hard with ‘No Hook’

LV Fresh (a.k.a. Reginald Ferrari Jr), originally from NYC’s Bronx district and now based in Atlanta, Georgia, drops us a banging, upbeat slice of melodic Hip Hop straight from the streets. Punctuated by NSFW references, and with a video filled with gangs, guns, and green, this isn’t for the faint-hearted; but in amongst the Tec-9s and dope there’s some serious, well-crafted lyrical bounce and flow here. LV Fresh can certainly spit the rhymes out at the same RPM as the AR in the video; that’s ‘Rhymes Per Minute’, yo, and ‘No Hook’ could do some proper ballistic damage, but it’s also got some serious bop and hustle. You’ll want to check this out while it’s still (LV) fresh.

Watch the video for ‘No Hook’ on YouTube. Follow on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


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