LUSHÀN – MONOPHOBIA CAN’T BE CURED: The fear of being alone

“Monophobia can’t be cured” is the debut album by R&B artist Lushàn, just released on 18th July 2019.

With such a gloomy, in a way hermetic, but penetrating title, this album might be a therapeutic gimmick to escape from a personal condition that many of us often experience: the fear of being alone. It might all be a consequence of a tumultuous past, situations one couldn’t hope to deal with, leading to a state of insecurity and anxiety that turns up every time one is far from their comfort zone. Lushàn goes through the topic with very intense lyrics as to represent that very feeling: “When will it end”, “No one else”, “Better off alone”, speak loud and clear.

The music is smooth, relaxing, so are the beats and the tempo mixed to calm and reassuring melodies that make of Lushàn’s voice a real and all-around atmosphere. 

However he claims that Monophobia can’t be cured, this album might be his way to work it through.

Review By Jim Esposito

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