Lumisaeris Releases Her Lucidly Compelling Single “The One”

“The One” is the second single from up and coming artist Lumisaeris. Given the level of distinction in her sound, the best way to allude to her unique style would be to allow you to imagine if music was visual art, the One would be a watercolour painting; It’s light, it’s vibrant, it’s delicate.

The solo female artist has a mesmeric approach to electronica with a somewhat cinematic feel. But while I can appreciate that the One was orchestrated to offer a wavy, transcendental aural experience, it was easy to feel that the vocals bled into the instrumentals a little too much and prevented them from adding to the soundscape. There also seems to be a slight lack of structure to the single which doesn’t allow you to get caught up within the rhythm. Having said that, Lumisaeris has to be admired for her untraditional approach to sound and the level of experimentalism which The One ran through with. It is perceptible that Lumisaeris has striking vocal talent, keeping it high above the mix would add layers of resonance to her sound.

You can check out Lumisaeris’s latest track The One for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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