Loz KeyStone – Livid: Grab The Tissues

Livid kicks off with a slow start for a SynthPop track, but when you get to the chorus, you’re fully immersed within the transient yet harrowing mix. The lucid Dreampop elements, mixed in with the husky vocals that almost fall into line with a Shoegaze fashion are stunning. It’s a sweet sonorous track that wouldn’t be out of place on your favourite melodic playlist. There’s pretty minimal chord progression as they keep the beat relatively simplistic to create the ultimate electronic ballad.

Loz KeyStone are a London, UK Based collective that douse their sound with industrial effect for a contemporary sound. Their new album ‘To Feel Love’ is out now. The whole album is steeped in agonising melodies, a true cacophony of gothic sound, which makes for a chilling, heart-breaking listen.  Astoundingly their album was recorded in a bedroom in South London, yet it possesses no tell-tale signs of an amateur production. It’s a raw sound that was written in the last moments of Keystone’s fathers life in his battle with cancer. You can almost taste the sorrow through the sound.

Check out Livid on the SoundCloud link below:


You can also check out the acoustic live recording to Livid on YouTube, I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear.


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