LOVESBLIND release hardcore Alt-Rocck single ‘Borderlines’

Five-piece band LOVESBLIND has dropped their killer single ‘borderlines’ infusing that Alternative Rock sound through this incredible piece.

Now this band is what makes Alt-Rock such a strong genre of music and one that is liked by many, this track is insane and from the second it starts it pulls you in, it’s heavy, chaotic and one that you’ll have on repeat.

Sounding similar to bands such as Neck Deep and A Day to Remember, having that sound that stays stuck in your head and having just that right amount of melodic hardcore whilst intertwining the smooth vocals that begin the track.

Kicking off with that heavy clash of the guitar strings and the thunderous drum beats full of adrenaline that continues to play through as the vocals take the lead with the mellow tone and soft texture to start with, as the loud instrumentals begin to fall back and the slight tap on the cymbal begins.

Until it suddenly bounces back to that real manic instrumental and the vocals take that more gravelly tone as the voice gets louder and more high-pitched, as the powerful chant begins to illuminate in the background. When the electric guitar comes back and the vocals begin to fade out over the top. Then they come through harder than every with the guttural shriek that pierces through and then lowers to come to an end.

Honestly, this piece is a truly remarkable piece of music and one that stands out in many ways, always leaving you wanting more.

Head on over here to listen to LOVESBLIND borderlines now.

Review by Karley Myall

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