Louisiana-based rock band Mourning Moon impress with excellent debut single ‘Spirit Animal’

Dropped off splendidly from their upcoming debut album which is set for release on the 1st April 2022, Mourning Moon set the mood alight with their highly dynamic first single that will have you growling at the sky as the ‘Spirit Animal‘.

Mourning Moon is a Ruston, Louisiana-based indie-rock act that has been building their underground cult-like following naturally and are now ready to launch their music to the world like a thrusting catapult.

Coming together to form a professional Rock Band back in 2020, the collaborative efforts of Mourning Moon were born out of a strong desire to make a living doing what they loved the most: playing music.” ~ Mourning Moon

Howling in a spirited way that sends spark-filled shivers all over your naked spine as it reacts to something so energetic as this really gritty effort, Mourning Moon might be your new favourite band. These likeable underdogs have clawed their way out of the sewers, showered, and are now ready for anything with their hungry eyes bright with the endless possibilities that are before them.

Spirit Animal‘ from Louisiana, USA-based indie rock band Mourning Moon, is a new age track that features ear-tingling (in a good way) solos and passionate vocals all about wondering about spreading your wings and gliding away to a better place. Symbolic really, as that is exactly what this high-flying band are doing as we speak. They managed to keep the momentum charging during the darkest times of this pandemic, so there is nothing that shall block their soaring accent to wherever they set their mind to.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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