A&R Factory Present: Louie Bello

If Boston has made its name in the past as a city of hard rocking bands and earnest indie kids, Louie Bello is swiftly writing a new chapter in the city’s musical history books, one based on a cool and infectious pop vibe. But given the city’s musical past it is hardly surprising that not only is this pop blended with sassy R’n’B, Dirty White Chucks has soaked up something of a chilled indie vibe and a guitar driven sound. Or put another way, East Coast pop with a touch of Boston muscle!

It isn’t hard to pick up the influences that help shape Louie’s songs, a touch of Bruno Mars, a dash of New Kids on the Block even an old school crooner vibe refashioned for the modern age. But as always it is about how you make those influences work for you and forge them into something new, keep moving the musical ball forward as it were. It isn’t so much about where the music comes from, it is about where it is going and Louie Bello is striding into a bright new pop sunrise and this track is heading for every car stereo across the country.

The sunshine hit of the summer, certainly but I’m sure it will be a song that becomes the go to party track of every summer from now on. Fire up the barbeque, flip the top on a cold one and turn the volume up on this track and I’d be struggling to think of what else you need for a great time!


Words: Dave Franklin

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