Lou Dimes – Jamais Vous: A Chilling Trap Tale of Modern Disparity

Lou Dimes released his new video on January 12th, 2018 ahead of his much-anticipated mixtape which will be dropped soon. The beats behind his debut single Jamais Vous are plenty enough to sink your teeth into in the meantime.

The clean trap beats create a perfectly harrowed ambience which is put against his raw lyrics that ever so poignantly highlight the disparity of the 21st century. I have an infinite amount of respect to Hip Hop and Rap artists that don’t skirt around the grime of modern reality. Lou Dimes takes the anxiety the media tries to instil within you of the ever-impending nuclear war and creates a piece of art within it. Sirens blare to introduce the track, before you’re treated to Dimes’ riddles of rap that are exuded with placid veracity. This mid-tempo beat is one of the most stylish orchestrations Trap I’ve ever heard, the orchestral effects almost seem to float through the sound which was produced by King Taylor.

Check out the official (slightly terrifying) video by @25eightfilms on YouTube:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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