Lost – I am Lost: Pure Sincerity Entwined in Ethereal Harmony


Over recent years I have noticed that more and more artists, especially in the Hip Hop Rap arena are opening up about their actual feelings; there has never been a more refreshing shift in the genre.

It’s acts like Lost, who have the courage and strength to convey such pure emotion through their lyrics and music who I will always bow down to out of pure respect. His lyrics have a way of resonating so deeply in you, it feels like they’ve crawled under your skin and made themselves home there. That would explain why I got goose bumps watching the music video. The UK based artists latest track I am Lost will stick with you long after it has faded out.

Aside from the notable lyricism and ability to verse such pure sincerity, the track itself is worthy of high praise. Lost doesn’t go for the tired old Hip Hop beats, instead the beat to I am Lost, is more of an urban take on Indie Electronica Folk bands such as Daughter to create a pioneeringly resonant sound.

You can check out Lost’s pretty heart wrenching official video to I am Lost on YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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