Los Angeles-based music producer soundslikeLANG sounds the ‘Fire Alarm’ you needed to hear

Blessing us with the final track from his recent 3-track EP called “Midnight and the City” which plays an infinite loop when left on repeat, soundslikeLANG warns us of the impending party that is about to go down until sunrise when sleepy eyes connect on ‘Fire Alarm‘.

Created by Los Angeles-based music producer Dave Lang, soundslikeLANG is an emotive-house fusion that grabs your heart and fills your soul with a brand of invigorating style that is certainly a must-listen.

With a pulsatingly enjoyable beat that seems to get you out of your sleepy slumber and quickly shoves you off your slouched couch, soundslikeLANG should be the name on all electronic lovers quivering lips. There is a world-class single here that is perfect for that sweaty dance floor, that takes you into a new world filled with possibilities of what the night might entail.

Fire Alarm‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based music producer soundslikeLANG, is an atmospherically charged single with the utmost consideration for our ears. There is brooding energy that keeps you locked in but you can still find the key, as it doesn’t become too clingy and chain you in like many other tracks in this popular genre. This is a perfect release for when you are about to head on out to your favourite venue – to let yourself go loose for a few hours – as you forget your worries and get sucked inside a world that calms your soul down.

Listen up to this new fiery single on Spotify and see more of his moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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