Los Angeles alternative artist Bryce Rayen shows us deep inside those mental lights with, ‘Infinite’

Signalling a move away from the loneliness of recent times, Bryce Rayen reminds us that happiness is actually what we make it if we can escape our own mind’s barriers on, ‘Infinite‘.

Bryce Rayen is a Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative pop singer-songwriter and music producer who illuminates the airwaves with that unique sound you don’t hear often.

Starting as a young poet in 2015, Bryce began to put his poems over the beats on the internet, which led him to the path of a lyricist working with several producers. Spending time at his parents’ house, he started to self-produce and write his arrangements in early 2018, getting more complex each year.” ~ Bryce Rayen

Worrying about that concrete fence that can and will undoubtedly stifle your innocent creativity when you need to roam free, Bryce Rayen shows us his emerging excellence with an emotionally-charged release to get your appetite dripping with fascination.

Infinite‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie alternative pop artist Bryce Rayen is such an honest track from a self-enlightened soul who has been lying to himself recently. With all the sadness that has transpired lately – he feels so stuck – and wonders if the next step will be where he wants to be in this confusing world. There is a real passion in his voice that shall shake your eardrums, as you ponder your moves to that all-important happy nature you wish to walk inside forever.

Listen to the audio of this deep track on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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