LOPES – MASS: Experimental Elemental Hip Hop

Remember the hype around the Linkin Park & Jay Z’s track Numb/Encore? Well, LOPES latest track MASS deserves that level of notoriety. LOPES fresh new approach to creating Hip Hop is as refreshing as it gets. The Rap artists ingenious use of harsh 808’s around doom impounding beats created the perfect platform for him to lay down his harsh Hip Hop vocals which ran so fiercely it was hard to keep up with his versing, It was evident that LOPES lyricism is just as hot has his ability to create an anthemic track with plenty of drops and kicks riddled through the verses. The Boston, US based emerging artist clearly doesn’t play it safe when it comes to composing his alt Trip Hop beats, in fact, I’m pretty sure David Lynch would be happy to use LOPES experimental mixes in his future films. There’s a constant mix up in momentum right the way through the track never for a moment does the beat rest stagnantly, the bassline had its own heartbeat.

If you’re looking to mix up your playlists you can check out LOPES new track MASS on SoundCloud now along with his early beats which he’s dropped since his ground breaking inception.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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