Loome – Capricorn: Ambient Electro Pop Driven by Melodically Fluid Synth


“Capricorn” is the debut release from up and coming Pop recording artist Loome. Pop may be one of the most popular genres you will see artists popping up from, yet from the first verse, you know that Loome is an artist who isn’t going to have trouble when it comes to climbing up the charts. The production quality of Capricorn certainly doesn’t give away the fact Loome is fresh from his inception with his first track.

Loome’s single which was released October 1st is an exemplary offering of ambience, yet there’s plenty of drive behind the synthesised melodies to allow the weight of the digital effects to hit you in a resonant way. The lyricism was kept fairly light, yet the emotivity behind the subtle and easily ingestible vocals made Capricorn one of the most sentimentally blinding single’s I’ve had the pleasure of checking out recently.

You can check out Capricorn for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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