Lone$tar – DAVY CROCKETT: A Fluidly Fresh Hip Hop Flex

Back in August we heard Lone$tar’s infectious hit “Pretty Penny”, the up and coming Hip Hop artist is back with his latest single “DAVY CROCKETT”, which doesn’t seem like the most obvious track title choice for a Rap artist. Yet, with Lone$tar’s playfully experimental Hip Hop style, it’s better to expect the unexpected. This time, his soundscape has got even darker and the multi-layered beat packs in even more intricacy. Whilst the beat was absolutely flawless to Lone$tar’s latest single, it was easy to feel that the full weight of the track didn’t really hit me. The lyrics were fairly hard to make out, and there was no obvious meaning behind them which allowed the track to resonate. Yet, that’s not to say that DAVY CROCKETT isn’t a single which is perfect to kick back to and feel the vibe of thanks to the rhythmic fluidity which sits behind the Trap style beat.

You can check out Love$tar’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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