London alt-RnB artist Sean Murefu rolls the windows down one new single ‘Gucci Sneakers’

Lighting up and sending the car into a smoke-filled state that has others looking inside from a distance, Sean Murefu laces up and looks into the eye of his lover and wants them to be united as one with ‘Gucci Sneakers‘.

Sean Murefu is a 19-year-old indie alt-RnB/pop solo artist who is based in London, UK and makes a fresh blend of likeable music that sends you into a reflective place.

Sending us a single that will have you in a dreamy mood and admiring the crisp vocals with a tender beat that has you nodding your tired head, Sean Murefu is the young kid on the block who is making impressive moves. He sings with confident freedom that is never too much to stomach, on a track that might send shivers roaming briskly all over your spine.

Gucci Sneakers‘ from the London, UK-based indie alt-RnB/pop solo artist Sean Murefu, is a promising track that has your mind into a blaze-loaded state of affairs that has you flaring another one up. Being with that right person is so important and we feel the connection here, from a young artist that has found his gem amongst the rubble of the world.

Sung with a smooth and unrushed atmosphere, this is the kind of track you play when you are with someone who you feel you can trust with all your secrets.

Check out the YouTube video and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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