Lockz – Don’t Love Me: Infectiously Enigmatic UK Grime

There are some Hip Hop & Rap tracks that instantly resonate with you. Lockz latest hit Don’t Love Me, is definitely up there with the best of the infectiously enigmatic mixes. That may have a little to do with my long standing affinity for UK Grime artists, but still, there’s something infinitely intreaguing about Lockz grittily urban contemporary Rap style. When the chorus hits, you can’t help but embrace the playful lyricism, however, as Don’t Love Me draws to a close, the lyrics start to become slightly repetitive and recycled. So, rather than finishing on a mic dropping line, the lyrics from the first verses carry through and falter as they fail to gain anymore resonance through the momentum of the progression of the verses. Regardless of the minor lyrical flaw, Don’t Love Me is still a track that I won’t be forgetting about in a long time thanks to Lockz gritty approach to incorporating realism within his sound.

If you’re a UK Grime artist fan you can check out Don’t Love Me on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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