Litface throws debut Hip Hop truth story ”Lie2me” that strikes hot

When you are young it is easy to get wrapped up and obsessed with your crush. Even if they aren’t the right person for you. After being burnt a few times you will soon learn this sad but valuable lesson.

Litface is a brand new producer emcee who has just thrown a scorcher with the fiery single ”Lie2me”. He is used to women lying to him and has found a way to get over it quickly. He prefers the 420 method and has developed a thick skin to deal with heartbreak. We are with him in this story of love and knowing your worth. Not letting anyone bring you down is the message here. Wise words indeed from the young emcee who has so much pure potential with this music game. His style is very new school and his lyrics match the current dating game. Everything happens so fast and the old school romance is decidedly rare in this new generation of dating apps and social media. Hopefully this song inspires his fans to take their time and not let anyone play them. A strong message indeed.

Click on the Spotify link for this song and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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