Lissa K – Azimuth: A Phantasm of Grunge, Dark Trap at It’s Finest

As a life-long Grunge fan and a keen aficionado of Trap music, can you imagine by delight from stumbling across Lissa K’s debut drop of Grunge Trap? (Probably not, I get a bit excitable).  Anyway, Lissa K’s latest single Azimuth was first released on January 23rd, 2018, the up and coming Ambient Chill artist cooked up some truly haunting sounds that had all of the magnetism of a crystal clear Ambient beat, with the grimy reverb that’s iconic to the grunge era. The spaces around the sound are just as tangible as the beats themselves. The abstractly distributed vocals had an almost Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) vibe to them, with the understanding that if the instrumentals are that sweet, the vocals are pretty unnecessary. The multi-layered beat has a way of allowing you to sink in between the riddles of the sound to reach an altered state of pure blissful appreciation of the aural alchemy which Lissa K has cooked up with Azimuth.

You can check out the chilled-out vibes from Azimuth from her debut EP A.I.R. for yourselves over on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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