Lipstick Jodi – Anymore: High-Octane Bass-Heavy Alt Pop

Anymore is the cataclysmically anthemic Alternative Pop hit from Lipstick Jodi; the Michigan based trio is led by Karli Morehouse who has one of the sweetest antagonistic vocal bites I’ve heard this side of 1995. To create the perfect platform for her empowerment-soaked vocal offering is the orchestration of angular, high-octane guitar riffs which have quite the punch when paired with the tight drum rolls and deep bassline. With Anymore you can expect the polish of power pop paired with the dirty, rolling, grinding rhythms and lack of pure vocal restraint from Karli which gives the track an overall Alternative feel.

You can check out Lipstick Jodi’s single Anymore out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud, any fans of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Tegan and Sera and Metric are going to want out the bands decadently nostalgic bass-heavy Pop soundscapes which will remind you of the days when Garbage reigned supreme and everything was just a little better.

Anymore was just one of the tracks from Lipstick Jodi’s 2017 EP, here’s to hoping they get back in the studio and treat us to some more aural delights soon, because frankly, keeping that kind of talent to themselves would be criminal.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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