Lilita Grinberga – The Same Old Story: Told Through a Vibrantly Compelling Neo-Classical Composition

I’ve been known to resort to profanity to describe my absolute awe of music before, but on this occasion it’s not that fitting. Lilita Grinberga’s timeless sound is one that could so easily be adored, when drinking in the complexity of her intoxicatingly uplifting pianist skills, you can’t help but find yourself awash in the energy that she pensively pours through her fingers.

The Same Old Story is one of the most bewitching piano compositions I’ve heard this century.  Lilita Grinberga’s Neo-Classical style creates an ethereal edge that I have no doubt will see Lillita packing out the Sydney Opera House one day if she carries on composing such angelically nostalgic, yet vibrantly contemporary sounds. With her latest song The Same Old Story, she knocked Nils Frahm off his pedestal as my favourite contemporary pianist. The veracity of the bridge absolutely flaws you, you wonder when it will relent, but the cacophony only picks up further momentum throughout the track which lasted a blissful, yet tragically short 3 minutes.

You can check out The Same Old Story on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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