Likeable Florida Rapper Reek Geeked brings out positive summer Hip Hop track with “I Got Flavor”

Brought up in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida and currently in Titusville- MC ‘Reek Geeked’ is creating quite a name for himself. With a smooth flow and by being himself, he has a solid formula going that is sure working. His strategy is smart as he is slowly building up and featuring on bigger and bigger shows.

Never a hater, the Florida rapper speaks about supporting friends and motivating instead of hating. The Hip Hop game is a fickle place, with artists going from being huge to nobodies in a matter of months. With fun and consistent music out all the time, he is doing all the right things. With a few tweaks, for example by making a Facebook music page, he will see the results. I guess all the kids are on Instagram or TikToc these days, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

Music-wise, ‘Reek Geeked’ has a good music style and I found myself bouncing to this track and it would be a perfect ride-along song with the homies cruising around, headed to the beach or club. 

Look for more music from the Florida Rapper here on YouTube.

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