Like A Perfect Dream: LA’s Scott Rocco is on top form with new single ‘Wish You Well’

As he carefully carries the love from those beautiful memories that are sowed into his mind forever, Scott Rocco sings with such desirable passion on his new single about wishing they had more time together on ‘Wish You Well’.

Scott Rocco is an underdog Los Angeles-based indie rock singer-songwriter. He sings for those who need a lift and inspiration in this crazy world — that can sneakily soak you up with so much distasteful negativity — if you let it grab you tightly for a daunting ride, in the gusting winds of uncertainty.

He sings with such energy and his strong vocals seem to gradually illuminate the nights sky, as his smartly penned lyrics tell you the truth and keep it refreshingly simple.

This is the story about how things were going so well but they had to move away suddenly — the world harsh sometimes of course — but your attitude never dwindling down to the unnecessary depths of regret.

Wish You Well‘ from the high caliber Los Angeles-based indie singer-songwriter Scott Rocco, shows us that you can be classy even if it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to play out. Love can be harsh but having the self-awareness to be gracious and to show that you really enjoyed your time together — is clearly the best way to be at peace with the moment — and to love again so bright, when the time is just right.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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