Light The Beacons – If I Could Love You: A Trailblazing UK Quartet.

Light The Beacons track ‘If I Could Love You’ on their new album entitled ‘My Earth’ is a refreshing blend of rock and folk that is hard to put in a box. This UK quartet takes a look at every day challenges and heartbreak from a unique angle and its hard to deny that their point of view is needed.

The solid musicality and vibrant vocals make for a dynamic experience.The soloist digs deep for a performance that is nothing short of grand. His storytelling skills are truly inspiring stand-alone, but put to the backdrop of clever chord changes, well timed and skilful use of lyrical content, and forward thinking structure, the sound is holistically pleasing and effervescent.

Some of you nerds out there will join me in conjuring a classic fantasy ‘The Return Of The King’ when you hear name of the band. Frankly, their name could not be more apt.  Anyone who hears ‘If I Could Love You’ and the album it hails from has to spread the word. It’s that good.

Have a listen for yourself on Spotify and tell us what you think.

Review by Susan Harriott

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