Lex Ventura – Baroque And Roll At Its Finest

Imagine if Nick Cave cheered up and embraced latin beats or if Bing Crosby had embraced 60’s surf-pop, quite hard scenarios to picture that’s for sure but Lex Ventura is a hard artist to pin down. I Could Be is a song from another time, a smooth chanteuse delivery put to retro vibes, sailing close to pastiche but full of enough originality and lo-fi excellence that you would be hard pushed to tell if this is someone carrying the torch for those pre-pop times or just some long lost demos from an act which should have been a footnote in the annals history but who somehow missed their moment.

This is baroque and roll at its finest, Jacques Brel reanimated and relocated to the sunnier climes of the Californian coast, as strange as it is beguiling and seemingly so far removed from any modern sound that you are not sure if this is rose-tinted and nostalgia driven or, given the cyclical nature of music, a taste of things to come. But believe me somewhere there is a parallel universe where Lex Ventura is bigger than the Beatles.

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