Lewis Shepperd has released his fervently soulful alt-indie track, Follow You.

Alt-indie-rock rarely falls into the swoon-worthy category, but when it packs as much soul as an Amy Winehouse record along with stormy melodic instrumentals, it is impossible not to be overcome by the level of feverish alchemy. Lewis Shepperd’s latest single, Follow You, is the perfect example.

With a curveball of a breakdown, the track briefly evolves into a feat of alt-hip-hop before the dreamy indie vocals breathe more expressive soul into the timeless single as they find synergy with the guitars that carry hints of blues. After honing in on their talent in function bands, it is safe to say that Lewis Shepperd’s place is well and truly in the original music scene. The individuality and gravitas that he brings to the airwaves are practically unparalleled.

Follow You is now available to stream on Spotify. Connect with Lewis Shepperd via Facebook & Twitter.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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