Letting them know: Josh Lee shows his frustration on passionate electro-pop single ‘Hold Me Back’

Josh Lee sends out a message to all the former fake friends that are actually haters, via his trash-removing new single that exposes the truth called ‘Hold Me Back‘.

Joshua Lee McLees aka Josh Lee, is a Wyoming-born and bred electro-pop singer-songwriter, producer, actor, trained choir trumpet performer and mental health advocate. He is on a life-changing mission to get his music out to the world and perform with other artists that share his vision. Josh makes the kind of music that is gritty and totally honest, as he opens the curtain into his life and doesn’t leave anything out.

He sings with an inner desire to get his massage out there to the globe-no matter how personal the message is-as he is steadfast on getting his creations out there to help others, who understand his struggles with mental health issues. His unique style is one of a kind and he performs with a genuine desire to find his path to that happy place he knows he can find, through the pure love for music creation.

Hold Me Back‘ from Wyoming pop singer-songwriter and producer Josh Lee, is a passionate plea to let the small-minded folks in his hometown know straight up, to let him do his own thing and to keep their issues away from him. His voice tells the story of a man who is feeling good about himself right now and isn’t interested in petty games.

Sometimes you need a break from where you live to get a fresh start and to reinvent yourself. Otherwise, you will need close to friends to always keep an eye out for you, to help you sane when you get triggered, so that you can reach your goals and not get sucked into unnecessary distractions in life, that hold you back.

Stream this catchy and real pop track on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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