Lethe – Deathly Gallows: The Darker Side to Organically Raw Hip Hop Rap

If you’ve already hazarded a guess at the fact Lethe’s latest drop won’t be the most romantic track you’ve probably ever heard this then you’d be right.

With his most recent single Deathly Gallows Lethe has created a track that goes a little far beyond explicit and the track meanders into a pretty misogynistic arena, which really isn’t cool. But, lyricism aside it’s hard not to appreciate the beat and the angst that is projected into the mic as Lethe verses his relentless lyrical bars. To create Deathly Gallows Lethe teamed up with Classixs Beats who ensured every level of the beat sat at the perfect level. If Lethe could drop his quite isolating contempt for women in his lyrics then I have no doubt that he will see a short ascension to the top of his game. There are very few artists who can exude that amount of charismatic angst into the mic.

You can check out Lethe’s track Deathly Gallows which was dropped in June 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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