Lesse’s Debut Single “The Ghost” is the Perfect Addition to Your Power Pop Ballad Playlists

Up and coming artist Lesse created a melancholic masterpiece with his latest single “The Ghost”. The stark pensive agony which has been written into the powerful Pop ballad was the perfect debut single to establish himself as a talented artist. Put it this way, if artists got to the top of the charts based on vocal strength – he’d already be at the top.

Palpable amounts of passion got poured into his debut single, such candid lyricism paired with the strength in the vocals and no one would blame you if you shed a tear during the agonizingly sweet single.

The progression in the instrumentals adds to the already immersive allure of the Ghost, from thunderous drum rolls, to wavy synth lines to minimalist arrangements on the keys the alchemic single has it all.

You can check out Lesse’s stunning single The Ghost out for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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