Leonie Sherif Releases Slick R&B Track “Deny”

Leonie Sherif follows in the pop-dance traditions of the likes of Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey, and if you are going to pick role models they don’t come much bigger than that. And like her icons she weaves slick dance grooves through accessible and sophisticated pop melodies to create music and which in a throwaway world is anything but.

It is the combination of old and new, the match of a certain familiarity with a forward thinking vision that makes this work so well. For every modern electro- beat there is an organic, old school R&B groove, for every pop pulse there is a soulful echo. Not everything has to be about revolution when it comes to creativity, barriers don’t always need kicking down, pop music doesn’t need to undergo unnecessary cross pollination, sometimes it is just enough to nurture what has gone before and give it a modern rethink. Evolution really is the way forward.

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