Lee Clark Allen – Religion: Jazz-Inspired, Soul-Driven R&B

If you like your R&B infectiously funk-addled, you might want to turn your attention to Lee Clark Allen’s Jazz inspired latest smash hit of a single Religion. It’s even made me feel a little pious.

As soon as you hit play, you can expect your speakers to blast high-octane sensual Soul which has been brought to life by the Denver based Jazz Blues artist who uses key elements from multiple genres to create something truly prodigal yet simultaneously timeless.

The concordant synergy is palpable from the instrumentals -deconstructing the arrangements almost seems criminal when the overall harmony is that ethereal. From an R&B artist you’d expect viscerally inviting vocals, which is exactly what you get from Lee Clark Allen; his upbeat, passionate vocal delivery won’t fail to leave you in awe of his charismatic vocal prowess which floats above the instrumentals.

You can check out Lee Clark Allen’s latest single Religion which was released July 17th by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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