Leddra Chapman – The Year Without You: The Sonorously Raw Single You Need to Hear in 2019


If you managed to get through 2018 without Leddra Chapman on your radar, it may be about time you tuned into her soulfully arrestive sound which hasn’t gone unnoticed by BBC Radio 2 and the likes of Ed Sheeran who she has previously collaborated with.

“The Year Without You” is the upcoming single from Leddra which was released December 30th. The track captures the reflective wistfulness which stifles us all at some point as the year draws to a close. If you’ve had a particularly rocky 2018, I’d suggest grabbing the tissues as you listen to the Pop soundscape unfold through emotive introspection and seamlessly raw melodies. Leddra’s vocals have an ingenious way of feeding into the momentum of the build ups and drops where each stab of the drum pads will reverberate through you as you wait in anticipation for the climax of the song.

There’ll be plenty more to hear from Leddra in 2019, including the release of her new EP, so head on over to Facebook to keep up to date. In the meantime, check out her previously released tracks and The Year Without You via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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